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Green & Environmentally-Friendly Products

Green & Environmentally-Friendly Products

These products and materials will meet your environmentally-friendly standards on any level.

APC and Solida Cork:

  • Cork is a sustainable product that is the bark of the Cork Oak tree
  • It is harvested once the tree has reached a mature age of twenty-five and every nine years afterwards
  • The trees are never felled for their bark and they live to be about 200 years old
  • About 95% of the cork used in cork flooring is pre-consumer recycled material. It’s made from the leftover bark, after cork has been ‘popped’ out for wine/bottle corks

American Olean                

  • American Olean offers the Saisons line, composed of 50.9% pre-consumer recycled material, and their Candalara Glass line can have up to 79% post-consumer recycled materials.


  • 53% Selce line
  • 10-50.9% Pietre de Serre
  • 12.5-50.9% Calliano
  • 50.9% Saisons
  • Candalara Glass can have up to 79% post-consumer recycled materials

Appomattox Tile Art

  • Mosaics designed and created in Virginia
  • Located in Old Petersburg, Va in a renovated location
  • Creates local jobs and supports local artistry


  • Harsh chemical sealants and cleaners not necessary (b/c non-porous)
  • Produced in the U.S., so less transportation required
  • 1 LEED point for low emissions
  • 100% H2O used in production is recycled (through filtration and sedimentation)
  • Toyota Priuses are used in fleet vehicles

Crossville, Ecocycle:

  • Contains 40% recycled ceramic content, certified by Scientific Certification Systems

Ekobe (Coconut):

  • Sustainable product – no environmental impact
  • EKOBE products are made of 100% natural materials. No chemicals are used
  • Trees remain alive and contribute to elimination of CO2
  • Nature produced material, resistant to organic decomposition and mechanical wear

Ergon, GreenTech:

  • GreenTech is made of 40% pre-consumer/post-industrial material
  • GreenTech tile can help projects qualify for 2 LEED points
  • Ergon recycles all water used in the production process
  • Use completely recycled materials for packaging, including boxes, plastic wrap and wooden palettes
  • GreenTech has a white "green" tile which is difficult to achieve using recycled material

Fireclay, Debris Line:

  • Fireclay’s Debris line contains 50% post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials
  • The terra cotta body is made up of 26% post consumer mixed bottle glass and 26% pre-consumer granite dust

Happy Floors, Neos & Living lines:

  • Neos and Living are comprised of 15% recycled material in their body and glaze
  • These lines are some of the few affordable "green" options

Ice Stone:

  • 70-75% recycled material by weight – generally 80-100% pre-consumer, balance being post-consumer
  • Uses 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix
  • Operate from renovated day-lit factory in Brooklyn, NY Navy Yard
  • Provides U.S. jobs in safe, eco-friendly environment
  • Over 80% of their waste is recycled, recovered or composted
  • Used in LEED Headquarters
  • Replaced petroleum-based machine lubrication w/ soy-based


  • Mapei products and environmental practices can contribute toward up to eight points in 2 separate performance areas required for your LEED certification
  • In the Indoor Environmental Quality performance area, MAPEI products can contribute toward 1 point in each of the following areas, Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives & Sealants, Paints & Coatings, Carpet Systems and Composite Wood & Agrifiber Products
  • In the Materials and Resources performance area, MAPEI products can contribute toward 1 point in each of the following areas: Recycled Content, 10% and 20%. Regional Materials, 10% and 20%


  • Reuses 100% of its "green" (unfired) tile that is scrapped during the manufacturing process; this material is used to produce new tile body material
  • Recycles approximately 25% of their fired scrap tile material by sending it to a local manufacturer of bricks for use in their body material
  • Recycles over 90% of industrial wastewater generated during its manufacturing processes for reuse in the manufacturing process

Ergon, Mikado:

  • Total recycling of the mud resulting from the purifying of the processing water
  • Direct and indirect recycling of both raw and fired processing wastes with minimum solid or gaseous emission in the atmosphere
  •  Use of completely recyclable materials for packing: from the paper or the carton boxes, to the plastic of the wrappings, up to the wooden palettes, conforming to the FAO regulations
  • Complete recycling of all the water used in the production process, drastically reducing the consumption

Oceanside Glass:

  • OSG reduced their energy consumptions by 10% in 2007
  • Two million pounds of bottle glass from curbside recycling programs are used per year
  • 60%+ recycled material used in packaging
  • Many OSG tiles are comprised of medium to high percentages of recycled glass that are made of pre- and post-consumer material, most having a good chunk of post-consumer
  • Colors and blends that have the highest percentages (over 60%) are: Bohemian, Midori, Spruce, Sierra Meadow, Arctic Sky and Cobalt - Think blues, greens and browns


  • Color “Dali” has 70% post-consumer recycled glass content
  • Stellar Series, Coffee Brown and Absolute Green contain 35% post-consumer recycled glass
  • Silestone’s parent company uses 98% recycled water in the slab sizing, cutting and  polishing process

Terra Green:

  • All Terra Green products are created with at least 55% recycled glass
  • Can help projects qualify for LEED points
  • Made in USA

Vidrepur Glass:

  • Vidrepur Glass is made from 80% recycled car windshields and 20% recycled glass bottles






































































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